“Butter & Sage Gnudi” from “Jamie’s Comfort Food”

IMG_5833Well, this was a disaster. I was bitterly disappointed.

Do you see those pools of foodstuffs in the photo above? They were supposed to look like firm balls of dough– like meatballs of cheese, as it were. As you can see, they didn’t turn out that way.

To be honest, I was cutting it a little close in the chilling time. Jamie calls for 8 hours, but I only had 7 1/2. But would 30 minutes really be the difference between success and disaster? I don’t know.

Having just explored the Internet to find another recipe for gnudi, perhaps where this one went wrong was the amount of semolina that it called for to be used. Jamie says “a dusting” but another recipe said you should use equal parts cheese and semolina. That makes more sense to me. I’ve also learned that gnudi are temperamental little creatures (Tell me about it!) so I should have been more careful in the preparation and also perhaps made each gnudi a bit smaller than it was. Then perhaps I wouldn’t have had such a disaster on my hands.

Needless to say, I won’t be recommending this recipe. Avoid at all costs.


“Butter & Sage Gnudi” from “Jamie’s Comfort Food”