“Salt-Baked Herbed Salmon with Red Onion-Caper Vinaigrette” from “Food52 Genius Recipes”

IMG_6797Andrew (15, said as he approaches the dinner table): This smells amazing.

Nicholas (11): I agree. This smells great.

Maureen: Yes. I think we’re on to a winner here for Fish Friday. We might want to taste it before we reach our conclusion, though.

Nicholas: What is it?

Maureen: It’s salmon that’s covered with herbs and is salt baked. I really wanted to try this because I’ve always wanted to bake something in salt, but have never got around to it.

Tim: Was it easy?

Maureen: Yes. The most complicated thing about it was I had to go to the natural food store and buy rock salt in bulk. Once you have that, it’s only a matter of chopping up the herbs to put on top, then roasting the fish for 40 minutes on top of the salt. All of the herbs and the fennel is what smells so good.

Nicholas: This is delicious.

Andrew: I would definitely want to eat this again.

Maureen: And I would definitely want to make it again. This is great. The only thing I’m not as sure about is the vinaigrette, since you boys don’t seem to be interested in it.

Tim: I like the vinaigrette.

Maureen: So do I. Maybe it’s for more mature tastes or something. Regardless, this is a win for Fish Friday.

If you would like to see the recipe, Google has the book in Google Books. Click through this link to see it for yourself.


“Salt-Baked Herbed Salmon with Red Onion-Caper Vinaigrette” from “Food52 Genius Recipes”

“Pasta with Yogurt & Carmelized Onions” from “Food 52 Genius Recipes”



Maureen: I was all excited to make this, and now that we’re eating it, I’m not so sure.

Tim: Why?

Maureen: Because I thought it would be really interesting to make pasta with yogurt, but now that we’re eating it, it just seems a variation on the pasta I used to make for the boys with creme fraiche.

Andrew (15): I remember that. You used to make it a lot.

Maureen: Yes. I called it a cheater’s fettuccine alfredo. In that case, I also added peas, and used parmesan cheese rather than pecorino.

Nicholas (11): Peas would be nice.

Maureen: Yes. I wanted to add peas, but when I went to the freezer to take them out, that’s when I discovered we were out of them. It was too late to go to the store for more. What do you think?

Nicholas: It’s very filling.

Andrew: It really is.

Maureen: Do you say that because you don’t like it, or because you really find it filling?

Andrew: I really find it filling.

Nicholas: Me too.

Maureen: Would you like me to make it again?

Tim: Sure. Why not? It’s nice enough.

Maureen: Maybe I would be more excited if it didn’t remind me so much of the past dish I’ve made a million times before. But at least I learned that I can use Greek yogurt if I don’t have any creme fraiche to hand.

“Pasta with Yogurt & Carmelized Onions” from “Food 52 Genius Recipes”