“Tear ‘n’ Share Garlic Bread” from “Jamie’s Comfort Food”


Maureen: This is just like Pizza Express dough balls, but we made them ourselves!

Nicholas (11): Well, nearly.

Tim: It’s full of garlic, isn’t it?

Maureen: Yes, it does seem to be quite overpowering.

Nicholas: Unlike the Pizza Express ones.

Maureen: They’re still good, though. Nicholas helped me to make them.

Nicholas: Yes. I was in charge of rolling up the dough balls.

Maureen: And a fine job you did, too.

Tim: What’s in the garlic butter?

Maureen: Well, you make a big batch, so we’ve got some if I decide to make Chicken Kiev. Or this again, for that matter. So you take 250g of butter, then add a whole bulb of garlic where you’ve minced the cloves, then there’s parsley and a bit of paprika. Should I make this again?

Tim: Sure, though this tray of bread could feed 12 people, so it might be some time before it’s called for.


“Tear ‘n’ Share Garlic Bread” from “Jamie’s Comfort Food”