“Meatball Sub” from “Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube”

IMG_7016Maureen (while admiring the sandwiches and plating them up): This is going to be SO GOOD.

Nicholas (12): Can you provide a written guarantee for that?

Maureen: Ha. You’re funny. Go sit down.

[Now sitting at the dinner table, and we’re eating outside on the patio because the weather in London has been spectacular.]

Andrew (15, taking a bite): This. Is. GLORIOUS.

Maureen: See? What did I tell you? I couldn’t agree more.

Nicholas: This is good, but messy to eat.

Maureen: Well, sure, but that’s part of the fun. When I was growing up, meatball subs used to be one of my favourite things to eat. Of course, growing up in Northern New Jersey, they knew how to do both a meatball and a sub, so it made for some good eating.

Tim: I think the meatballs get a little lost, with the cheese and the tomato sauce.

Maureen: Always the contrarian.

Tim: It’s true.

Maureen: I can see why you’d say that, but I disagree. I think the extra sauce and the extra cheese is all part of the experience. I see that you’ve followed Gennaro’s instructions to put the rocket salad in the sandwich. I didn’t do that as I thought that was sacrilege.

Andrew: Remember that great meatball restaurant we went to in New York City last summer?

Maureen: That place was great. What was it called?

Nicholas: It was called The Meatball Shop.

Maureen: Good memory! It does what it says on the tin. I would definitely go back there again, and I would definitely make this again. Do you guys agree?

Boys [in unison]: YES.

Tim: Sure, but maybe with less sauce.

Note: If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times this month: it does my head in that they can’t list the recipe, or at least list the ingredients, in the text underneath the video on FoodTube. Oddly, there is a recipe for this on Jamie Oliver’s website, but it’s not the recipe that’s in this video– perhaps there’s more than one version of the meatball sub– so I won’t link to it here.

However, if you’d like to see the original video, it’s here:

“Meatball Sub” from “Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube”

“Cajun Rice & Barbeque Chicken Burrito” from “Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube”

IMG_6994Andrew (15): Is this a Jamie Oliver recipe?

Maureen: Indeed it is.

Tim: What’s with the feta cheese?

Maureen: Jamie said to use feta cheese on the burritos. What Jamie wants, Jamie gets. I know it’s a bit strange, but I started thinking about it, and feta isn’t unlike the crumbled cheese they use at Wahaca, so I went with it.

Nicholas (12): I think it’s good.

Andrew: Me gusta!

Maureen: It’s appropriate that you would use Spanish to describe how much you like this dish, since we are having burritos.

Tim: The spciy rice is good.

Maureen: It’s a variation of the cowboy rice we like so much, though in this case, you use pre-made rice. This is because the recipe was sponsored by Uncle Ben’s, which strikes me as a bit strange, but there we are. Despite use the pre-made rice, it’s made significantly better with the addition of fried peppers and onions. Yum.

Nicholas: We should definitely have this again.

Andrew: I agree.

Maureen: The only change I made is I didn’t make it with leftover turkey tossed in barbeque sauce, since we didn’t have any turkey. So I fried up some chicken with fajita seasoning, like I usually do, and that worked a treat.

Tim: Huzzah for burrito night.

Maureen: Indeed.


If you’d like to watch the original video, see it here:

“Cajun Rice & Barbeque Chicken Burrito” from “Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube”

“Quick Chicken Korma” from Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube”


Ella: I like it!

Kirstin: Oooo, Ella. Really?

Tom: This is yum.

Kirstin: I’m kind of getting the hang of the whole video thing, even though I couldn’t seem to get my onions as caramelised as she did. You have to watch it a bit beforehand if nothing else, so you know when to pause it.

Tom: Yeah, I’m not sure video cookbooks make a lot of sense to be honest. There’s a reason why it’s good to have everything written in a list, in a form that stays still on the surface in front of you and doesn’t interfere with your ability to play music while you cook.

Kirstin: Or have conversations with people. Because I had to keep doing that *hold on now while I find out what I have to do next on the video*.

Tom: So what does this tell you?

Kirstin: That we like cookbooks? And it’s interesting because I’ve tried getting cookbooks on my kindle and iPad and I still return to cookbooks…

Tom: No, it tells you that food tube is for people who like the idea of cooking rather than those who actually like cooking. So Jamie Oliver is someone who sells the idea of cooking.

Kirstin: Do you think he’s tried cooking along to a recipe himself?

Tom: He may have done, but the needs of television are different from the needs of those doing the cooking. Television is all about fast cutting. It’s incredibly unrepresentative. We saw that yesterday when he was making that salsa. He said chop, chop, chop and it was done in 3 seconds. Because it’s really boring watching someone chop up tomatoes.

Ella: Unless you have time travel. Or clone yourself to chop up the tomatoes and then hand them back to yourself once you’ve chopped them.

Kirstin: Indeed peeps.Indeed.

Here’s the link to the recipe I made because embedding has been disabled.

“Quick Chicken Korma” from Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube”

“Pan-Fried Salmon with Tomato Couscous” from Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube

Kirstin: So the whole cooking while food tube on is a bit of a laugh. It’s like Jamie’s in the room, cooking with you. But it means I can’t listen to music as I cook; only his annoying background music. I watched this a couple of times before I made it, because I couldn’t find the instructions anywhere in printed form. And the only way I could get the list of ingredients was also to watch it all the way through.

Tom: That sounds a bit annoying!

Kirstin: I do think they could at least put the list of ingredients underneath the video. Would be well helpful. Did you like it?

Tom: I did! I love asparagus and the salmon was super crispy.

Kirstin: Yes, he had a fantastic method for making the skin crispy which I shall be using again. Ella, what did you think?

Ella: I don’t like salmon. Much.

Kirstin: I know. But we’ve talked about this before and you need to have salmon on a weekly basis at least. I saw you trying some asparagus!

Ella: I liked that!

Kirstin: Good for you!

And here’s the video if you too want to make this yummy recipe.

“Pan-Fried Salmon with Tomato Couscous” from Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube