“One-pan Fabulous Fish” from “5 Ingredients”

Kirstin: How could I resist such a pretty looking dish? And one that was so irresistibly simple? The answer is I couldn’t.

Ella: I really like the fish. I mean really like it!

Miles: And the rice is OK.

Kirstin: Just OK? I didn’t put in as much tapenade as he said because that would have overwhelmed the whole dish. But you’ll never guess which under the radar ingredient he added…

Ella: Red wine vinegar?

Kirstin: Totally. What is it with Jamie and the red wine vinegar? I hope he has shares in it or something! But you know I would definitely consider making this again. Especially on a school night when I’m in a rush. I could even imagine adding a few ingredients to personalise it even though that would take it above the hallowed 5.

If you’re interested in trying this recipe for yourself, here’s the link with a very interesting conversation about how long basmati takes to cook in the comments. For the record, Jamie got the cooking time for the rice totally right. It was perfect.

“One-pan Fabulous Fish” from “5 Ingredients”