“Stir-Fried beef with Peppers & Egg Noodles” from “Best Menus”

Tim: So what are we having tonight?

Maureen: This is stir-fried beef with peppers and egg noodles. I should tell you that I didn’t use the beef it called for, though. Gordon Ramsay wants us to use fillet for a stir-fry. Really? Fillet for a stir-fry, Gordon?? It seems as though every one of his beef recipes calls for fillet. If we were multi-millionaires like Gordon, I’d use fillet more too. But sadly we’re not.

Tim: So what did you get?

Maureen: The fine gentleman at Drings recommended that I get top rump, so I did. Of course, we spent a few good minutes talking about how silly it’d be to use fillet in a stir- fry, especially when you’re going to marinate it.

Editor’s Note: If you haven’t been to Drings Butchers on Royal Hill in Greenwich yet, go as fast as your legs can carry you. We love them. They’re a top supplier (see list on the right) and our gastronomical life wouldn’t be the same without them.

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“Stir-Fried beef with Peppers & Egg Noodles” from “Best Menus”

“Chicken noodle soup” from “Bill’s Basics”

Anna: Mmm.  This is what I’d call a Big Eat.  Like being at Wagamama in your own home!

Peter: Yes, I agree.  It was a big bowl of veggie, meaty goodness.  I could imagine eating this in the winter.  I had, at my disposal, a number of tools.  All of which were necessary to conquer the numerous elements to this soup.

Anna: What tools?

Peter: The chopsticks were required for the large chunks of greens and asparagus.  And handy for grabbing the chicken in the broth.  The fork was a back-up for the noodles.  And the spoon.  For the nice soupy broth.

Anna: I had a handy tea towel tied around my neck to prevent splashing accidents.

Peter: The combination of the asparagus and the broth should provide an interesting pee experience tomorrow.

Anna: This was so easy though.  Just bung all the separate ingredients into the bowl and pour the broth over.  So it can be adapted to whatever is kicking around in the fridge that needs using up.  Like the last of the roast chicken we used tonight!

Peter: We got three meals out of that roast chicken.  That’s proper recession cooking.  I approve.

Anna:  Didn’t make my own stock though.  Shhh………

“Chicken noodle soup” from “Bill’s Basics”