“My Nan’s St Clement’s Cake” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

Anna: You know, this reminds me of the sort of cake you’d get at a village fair, with a cup of tea for a £1.  All proceeds to the NSPCC or something.

Kirstin: What, you mean a BRITISH village fair?

Anna: Exactly.

Kirstin: That sort that you got during the War, in Downton Abbey? For cheering up the troops? Did Mrs Patmore make it?

Anna: Daisy made it. She wept into the batter as she thought of our William at the Front. Surrounded by Germans one minute, back in Downton the next.

Kirstin: But she doesn’t love William! Or… does… she??!!

Anna: So, we’re agreed then. This cake is as British as Downton Abbey.

Kirstin: And possibly a little bit drier than it could be. I feel it should be moister.

Anna: Just living up to its wartime village fete image then. Haven’t you heard of rationing?

PostScript: We baked this last week before the tragic news of our William’s passing. Poor Daisy!






“My Nan’s St Clement’s Cake” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”