“Fantastic Fish Pie” from “The Return of the Naked Chef”

If you would like to make “Fantastic Fish Pie” for yourself– and I highly recommend that you do– you can find the recipe here.

Maureen: Yum! Jamie’s fish pie. We love this.

Andrew (12): We do?

Nicholas (8): Are you sure?

Maureen: I could not be more sure. In fact, when I made the “Happy Fish Pie” from “Jamie’s Great Britain” we spent a lot of the meal saying this one was better.

Andrew: I really don’t remember that. But whatevs. This is nice.

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“Fantastic Fish Pie” from “The Return of the Naked Chef”

“Turkey and Ham Pie” from “Feast”

Tim: Well look at Andrew. There’s one empty bowl already.

Andrew (12): Yes, this is very good.

Nicholas (8): I think this is just a rip-off of chicken pot pie.

Tim: No, it’s not. It’s different. The chicken pot pie we usually have has leeks and peas. This one has turkey, ham and sweetcorn.

Maureen: Do you like it? Do you want me to make it again?

Tim: Well, that would mean you have to make turkey again, and you know how I feel about turkey (Editor’s Note: He hates it). But if you’re going to use up the leftover Thanksgiving turkey, this is nice.

Andrew: I think chicken pot pie is better.

Maureen: Why?

Andrew: Because it has chicken, rather than turkey.

Maureen: You’re all insane. You can’t really taste the difference between chicken and turkey when it’s swimming in double cream and butter. I think this is a delicious way to use up leftover turkey. It was easy enough to do on a weeknight, since Nigella does all of her pastry in a food processor, and I thought it was really good.

“Turkey and Ham Pie” from “Feast”

“Macaroni with Asparagus, Cream and Ham” from “A Taste of Home”

Anna: The spinach was a guest ingredient, but I actually think it made the dish.

Peter: This was good. I liked the fact it was a small pasta. The ham was a change from the usual pasta we have. It was like a luxury macaroni cheese. With vegetables.

Anna: I thought it reminded me of a carbonara actually. The salty ham and the cream and the parmesan.  It was so quick and easy we’ll definitely have this again I think.

Peter: You could probably adjust the vegetables for whatever is in season.

Anna: I’d do it just with the ham and spinach.  Angela did miss one trick with this recipe. She instructs you to cook the asparagus separately to the macaroni, when in reality you can do it in the same pot at the same time, and just take it out after a couple of minutes. One pot. Time saved. Simples.

“Macaroni with Asparagus, Cream and Ham” from “A Taste of Home”

“Pasta with Walnut Sauce” from “A Taste of Home”

Maureen: We’re on duty tonight, folks. We’ve got something from the new cookbook. It’ll be a month of Italian recipes from Angela Hartnett. It’s bound to be a good month. Today we’re having pasta with walnut sauce.

Nicholas (8): I would have liked it without the lettuce.

Tim (with mock horror): There’s something green in this, Mom. It might be good for me! You know I don’t like green salad stuff!

Nicholas (not picking up on the sarcasm): Yes, it ruins it a bit.

Maureen: It’s just parsley! It won’t kill you!

Nicholas: Sorry. Erase that.

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“Pasta with Walnut Sauce” from “A Taste of Home”