“Chicken noodle stir-fry” from “Easy Meals”

Anna: I took the liberty of adding green beans to this recipe to add some colour to the overall white-ness. Carrots on their own just weren’t doing it.

Peter: This was a nod to Thailand with its coconut milk and fish sauce…..

Anna: Yes, but where was the chilli? Where was the sourness?

Peter: That’s a bit harsh. If you’re not in the mood for chilli this would do nicely.

Anna: We have much better noodle stir-fry recipes than this though.

Peter: Well that’s true. You only have to turn to Bill for inspiration.

Anna: And because of that I don’t think we’ll be making this again. It’s just a little too blah for me. Sorry Rachel.

“Chicken noodle stir-fry” from “Easy Meals”

“Lime and lemongrass chicken” from “Fast, Fresh, Simple”

Anna: Chef-husband, what did you think about this recipe then?

Peter: The paste was relatively easy to make.  But you thought the chicken needed more time.

Anna: Yes. Only because she called for chicken thighs, cut in half, which are quite big pieces. And they weren’t properly browned before you added the coconut milk.

Peter: I was just following the recipe.

Anna: I know you were. That’s all that’s been asked of you too! But it did mean that I felt we needed to keep them cooking in the sauce for longer than the stated 10 minutes total, just to make sure they were properly cooked.

Peter: The whole recipe was very quick and if the timings had been correct it would have been extremely easy to do.  We used six thighs based on the weight guidelines she gives. She called for four, so there must be some extremely large chickens in Australia…..

Anna: I really liked this, as a quick and fresh alternative to a Thai green curry. The flavours were delicious, and I’m a big fan of spinach which is added at the last minute.  The fact that you found it easy to cook means I love recipe this even more. I can forgive her the timings for the chicken as most cooks would be able to work around that easily.

Peter: I’d be happy to cook it, and eat it, again.

Anna: Hurrah!

“Lime and lemongrass chicken” from “Fast, Fresh, Simple”

“Butternut Squash, Chilli & Coconut Soup” from “Bill’s Everyday Asian”

Tim: What do you think?

Maureen: I am not a fan of this. It’s not disaster, but equally, it’s not very good.

Tim: It doesn’t seem like a dinner to me.

Maureen: Soup for dinner is absolutely fine, but this is too thin to be substantial.

Tim: That’s what I mean.

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“Butternut Squash, Chilli & Coconut Soup” from “Bill’s Everyday Asian”

“Coconut Chicken & Petit Pois Curry” from “Leon 2”

Maureen: Curry night! We don’t do it very often, but maybe we should. What do you think?

Andrew (11): It’s like the other chicken curry you make, which is very good.

Maureen: What other chicken curry? We never have curry. You both think it’s too spicy.

Nicholas (7): I think it’s good.

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“Coconut Chicken & Petit Pois Curry” from “Leon 2”

“Dalston sweet potato curry” from “Leon 2”

Anna: It’s my own fault.

Peter: What’s your own fault?

Anna: For choosing this recipe. I was bored of it before I’d even finished cooking it. So it’s no wonder I didn’t want to eat it. I managed half a bowl before I got bored again.

Peter: I don’t mind a vegetable curry, because there’s nothing that makes you more full. But they are slightly worthy.

Anna: And boring.

Peter: I thought Dalston Sweet Potato Curry was a dancehall hit. You don’t know what dancehall is, do you?

Anna: No.

Peter: It’s a genre of music.

Anna: I see.

Peter: Anyway, in the book it says it’s been tested by Marilyn or someone. I don’t know who Marilyn is. And I don’t give a monkies if she thinks it’s ace.

Anna: I don’t think the word ace is used.

Peter: I thought the curry was ok.  One billion Indians can’t be wrong with a vegetable curry.

Anna: Tonight, in order to face the leftovers, we added chicken and spinach, didn’t we? That made it a lot better as far as I’m concerned. And maybe it helped that you did the cooking, or heating up rather, tonight. So I didn’t have a chance to get bored of it again before we ate.

Peter: I didn’t think the chicken made that much of a difference. I’d leave it as vegetables.

Anna: You’ll be eating on your own then.  Worth mentioning as well that I had to add some chicken stock to it tonight, to temper the sweetness. There’s no salt in the recipe, and you really notice it, what with the sweet potatoes and coconut milk.  Cauliflower, what’s the point of it? God, what a boring vegetable.

Peter: That’s not true, you like it with cheese!

Anna: I don’t.  So, not a total thumbs down, but I’d be lying if I said I was going to make it again.

“Dalston sweet potato curry” from “Leon 2”

“Patara lamb shanks” from “Kitchen”

Anna: You’re very excited because we haven’t had lamb shanks in ages….

Peter:  Yes, I can’t remember the last time I had a good shank.

Anna: Here all week.

Peter: I notice this is a different recipe from the usual.  And it looks like it’s going to be quite curry-y.

Anna: Good spot.  Did the name give it away?

Peter: Well Patara isn’t near Sheffiield is it?

Anna: You went and got the shanks from Drings.  I see you could feed a family of four with each one, as usual.

Peter: Just the right size, I’m glad I took the car.

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“Patara lamb shanks” from “Kitchen”

Blogging Birthday Bash – “White Ladies”, “Rice Paper Rolls”, “Keralan Fish Curry with Lemon Rice” and “White Chocolate and Passionfruit Mousse” from “Forever Summer”

Anna: I’m getting quite good at these birthday feasts given it’s the month of August. Because you are my co-conspirator and blogging partner-in-crime, this is a particularly special one.   Thankfully Zoe was able to run to Marks’ in her 3 inch peeptoe heels, on an emergency lemon mission, so now we are able to drink White Ladies all night!

Zoe: I only got one blister!  (Cackle)

Kirstin: I’m going to miss the cocktails.  I think we should do them anyway after this month.

Anna: Shall I email Bill and ask him to write a cocktail book?

Zoe: Wasn’t the idea to drink less if we had cocktails? But instead we downed the first one.

Anna: White Ladies were chosen in honour of us and our purity.  Eh Zoe?

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Blogging Birthday Bash – “White Ladies”, “Rice Paper Rolls”, “Keralan Fish Curry with Lemon Rice” and “White Chocolate and Passionfruit Mousse” from “Forever Summer”