“Classic Kiev” from “Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes”

Kirstin: Ella, is your plate empty?

Ella: Well actually, there’s dark matter there which you can’t see. And some air…

Tom: I knew you were clever Ella when you were two and I asked you if there was anything under the bed and you said “No, just air”.

Kirstin: Miles, did you like the chicken kiev?

Miles: Yes. But I didn’t like all the crumb bits.

Tom: That’s mad because you like all the crumb bits in Wagamama. What did you think of the garlic?

Miles: No.

Ella: It was like a giant chicken nugget filled with garlic bread. And I loved it.

Tom: It’s like garlic bread, made with chicken instead. Garlic chicken. That was totally yum. It had everything in it.

Ella: What’s Doctor Who’s favourite food?

Kirstin: I don’t know.

Ella: Dalek bread.

Kirstin and Tom: *Groan*

Kirstin: It was an interesting challenge to get the butter inside the chicken breast but I devised a strategy that didn’t involve too much butter going everywhere. And I’m sorry there aren’t any pictures tonight…I hope the joke makes up for it!

“Classic Kiev” from “Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes”