“Miso Clams” from “It’s All Easy”


Kirstin: This really was super easy. Once I had found all the ingredients, that is!

Tom: Yum! What’s in the sauce?

Kirstin: Miso. And some melted butter.

Tom: Well it’s fabulous!

Kirstin: I am soooooo going to make this one again. Total winner! The miso and clams are a perfect combination. Definitely recommended.

“Miso Clams” from “It’s All Easy”

“Hake in Salsa Verde” from “The Moro Cookbook”



Or, in the Spanish, “Merluza en salsa verde”

Maureen: I have to say that I was a bit dubious about the inclusion of the clams, but I went with them anyway. The recipe said “optional” but I thought I should give them a chance.

Tim: Why dubious?

Maureen: I suspect that I had a bad experience with them when I was younger. I’ve never been a fan of clams, but saying that, I haven’t eaten them in decades. I have to say that I’m enjoying these immensely.

Tim: I knew they would be good.

Maureen: What do you think, boys?

Andrew (15): Look at my plate. That tells you everything you need to know. (The plate is clean.)

Nicholas (11): Yum.

Maureen: What would you rate it?

Tim: Nine out of 10. Would eat again.

Maureen: Why not 10 out of 10?

Tim: I need to give you something to shoot for.

Maureen: Moro has been great for Fish Friday. We haven’t had a terrible meal yet.

“Hake in Salsa Verde” from “The Moro Cookbook”

“Spaghetti with Clams” and “Lemon Sorbet” from “The River Cafe Cook Book”

Kirstin: We normally make the clams recipe from River Cafe Book 2. So I’d never noticed this recipe before. It’s next to “Spaghetti al limone”, which we used to make all the time, so that’s odd. It’s easy to prepare. I took Miles to the Chinese supermarket to buy the clams, and he had a fit, and was very interested in the death of the clams. ‘Why do they have to die?’ he asked.

Tom: I hadn’t realised this was a different recipe until I noticed the lack of lemons.

Kirstin: There’s more wine, which I thought worked really well. I liked the way you put the oil in, then you add the wine, and then the garlic and chilli into the mix.

Lee: The bin-bowl in the middle gave it that decadent Roman feel. You just throw your shells into the bowl. And afterwards my bowl was pimpled with parsley, which was nice. You like that word? Pimpled.

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“Spaghetti with Clams” and “Lemon Sorbet” from “The River Cafe Cook Book”