“Superb Pork Loin” with “King of Mash: Irish Champ” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

Maureen: Tonight we are having roast pork and Irish champ, which is just another version of mashed potatoes.

Nicholas (8): You mean strange mashed potatoes.

Maureen: They’re not strange! I think they’re delicious.

Andrew (12): The roast pork is nice. It tastes like sausages.

Maureen: Well, it should, since sausages are made out of pork.

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“Superb Pork Loin” with “King of Mash: Irish Champ” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

“Granny Smith’s Pork & Rice Salad” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

Nicholas (8): Did you make this?

Maureen: Yes, of course I made it. This is from the new Jamie cookbook and we’re all on duty, so get ready to be articulate.

Nicholas: I don’t mean the rice, I mean the bread.

Andrew (Now 12! Happy Birthday!): Mom never makes bread for fear that Paul Hollywood will come knocking on the door and say, “Those bubbles in the bread are too big!”

Maureen (laughing): We’re off topic now, though I did love watching “The Great British Bake Off.” Even if it did mean I spent a lot of time yelling at the television. What does everyone think of this rice salad from Jamie?

Tim: I’m confused. How is this a British dish?

Maureen: I think it’s the combination of pork and apples with Caribbean flavours. Hang on. I don’t want to misquote Saint Jamie. Here’s what he said: “The great Caribbean classic, rice and peas, inspired me to create a really exciting rice salad of my own, because when done well, it’s a truly wonderful thing. The flavours in this one are like a roast pork dinner meets a rice salad… Tossing the pork with the rice helps lighten the dish up a little– so it’s perfect hot or cold for a more summery vibe.”

Tim: I’m not convinced.

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“Granny Smith’s Pork & Rice Salad” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

“Apple & Watercress Salad” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

In case you didn’t get the memo, Jamie Oliver’s next move will be world domination. He has a staff of 1,000. He makes millions every year. His “30-Minute Meals” was the fastest and best-selling non-fiction book of all time in the United Kingdom. The fact that the aforementioned book nearly killed us is neither here nor there. Jamie is an industry unto himself.

Just in time for the Christmas season is “Jamie’s Great Britain.” Bookmaker William Hill is offering 1:2 odds that this will be the best selling book this Christmas. Given how many Christmas trees had “30-Minute Meals” underneath them, I think that’s a pretty safe bet.

With the glorious Indian summer we’ve been having here in London, I thought the best way to kick things off would be with an Apple and Watercress Salad with blue cheese dressing and crushed walnuts. I’m sorry there’s no conversation for this one, but since I was eating alone, it would be a worrisome development for both the blog and myself if I did have dialogue to provide.

This was delicious and easy. The salad is basically apples, watercress, walnuts and blue cheese with a dressing of spring onion, yoghurt, cider vinegar, olive oil, seasonings and more blue cheese. I used my food processor to slice the apples thinly and quickly, and then used it again to whip up the dressing.

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“Apple & Watercress Salad” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”