“Oven Chips with Oregano and Feta” from “Ottolenghi Simple”

This is absolute genius. As a lover and aficionado of cheese fries in any form, I’m flummoxed as to why it never occurred to me to have feta cheese fries. I’m here to tell you they are delicious, incredible, and yes, simple.

But “simple” is a relative term. Would you define simple as cutting potatoes to form your own chips? If you answered no, then this wouldn’t be simple for you. But given that I’d done exactly this task once before and had a good handle on how to do it efficiently, it was not hard at all for me, but I could see how others would think it wasn’t worth the hassle.

However, the payoff for going to the trouble of cutting your own chips was huge. They were fresh and, in a weird way, light. I say weird because you toss them twice in different oil, first sunflower and then olive oil with garlic, but because they were fresh potatoes they weren’t as claggy as frozen chips usually are.

Undoubtedly the  pièce de résistance was the addition of the feta cheese. Yum. Will we be having this again? What do you think?

Kudos, Ottolenghi, kudos.

“Oven Chips with Oregano and Feta” from “Ottolenghi Simple”

“Ultimate Steak and the Works” from “Virgin to Veteran”

Nicholas (9): These potatoes are great! They’re really fantastic.

Andrew (12): I think they’re awesome.

Maureen: Would you like me to make them again?

Both: Yes, please!

Tim: No.

Maureen: Why not?

Nicholas: Why would you say that? You ate the most of anyone.

Tim: They were good, but potatoes are potatoes. They don’t count as a vegetable. I’d rather have a salad.

Maureen: So what did you think of the steak?

Nicholas: What steak? We’re eating hot dogs.

Maureen: Indeed you are. As your palates aren’t nearly as sophisticated as you would think they are, and you probably think hot dogs are just as good as, if not better than, steak, that’s what you’re having. Dad and I are having steak. Yum.

Tim: I can taste the unicorn tears.

Maureen: I’m pretty sure that Dring’s doesn’t include unicorn tears in their steaks. I think this is good, though not anything extraordinary. Though maybe it’s not as special as Sam would like it to be, since I didn’t make the mustard butter. Maybe next time. What did you think of the spinach?

Tim: It didn’t seem all that special to me.

Maureen: Well, I suppose it wasn’t. But the great idea that Sam came up with is to cook it in a wok. Everybody knows that there’s loads of spinach at the beginning and nearly nothing at the end. It’s a great way to cook it down. I will do that again. Yum. Steak dinner. My favourite.

“Ultimate Steak and the Works” from “Virgin to Veteran”

“Fish and chips” from “Bill’s Basics”

Miles: I am eating loads of these chips because they are so yummy. And Oscar, our cat just came up to my chip because he thought it was a bit of fish.

Kirstin: Miles, do cats like fish then?

Miles: Yeah.

Kirstin: Why?

Miles: Because it tastes delicious!

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“Fish and chips” from “Bill’s Basics”