“Sticky Chicken Chinese Noodles” from “Save with Jamie”

Kirstin: Noodles, kids!

Miles: I love the noodles.

Ella: Me too!

Miles: But what is on the chicken? I don’t like it.

Kirstin: It’s Chinese five spice.

Ella: I don’t like it either.

Kirstin: And I’m pretty sure you won’t like the vegetables either. I don’t think I’ll be making this one again; it really is nothing special. I rather liked the smell of the Chinese five spice as I cooked it though. And I totally forgot to take any pictures. Apologies. I’m starting to think this book should be called Save the Jamie!

“Sticky Chicken Chinese Noodles” from “Save with Jamie”

“John’s broccoli with garlic, cashew nuts and chilli” from “Leon 2”

Peter: This tasted quite Asian to me.

Anna: Of course it’s Asian! It’s got garlic, cashews and chilli in it. Oh, and soy sauce, just in case they aren’t Asian enough ingredients for you.

Peter: Well, the book’s called Leon which implies that the recipes are Mediterranean.

Anna: We had curry last night! Shall we start again?

Peter: Seven years too late….. This seemed to be a relatively quick dish, would you agree?

Anna: Yes, in fact this is the first recipe I’ve done from the book that lives up to the name of Naturally Fast Food.  It was rather good actually.  I loved the way it smelled like a proper Chinese – that’ll be the soy, garlic and chilli.  I would defintely make it again.

Peter: You made this as an accompaniment, to go with the salmon and spinach.

Anna: Would you eat it as a meal on it’s own?

Peter: There wasn’t that much to it. It needs something else to go with it.

Anna: Even if I made a load of rice to eat it with?  Would you still feel it wasn’t a proper meal?

Peter: Yes. It needs to have a focal point. Broccoli isn’t the hero of a dish.

Anna: Well as an Asian side dish I guess we could say that it’s our first Leon 2 success!

“John’s broccoli with garlic, cashew nuts and chilli” from “Leon 2”

“Chinese-style Marinated Pork” and “Lemon Tart” from “Bill’s Basics”

Tom: This pork recipe smelt good from the moment Kirstin started making the marinade this morning. It made me want to eat Asian food. Fortunately we went to Wagamama for lunch.

Kirstin: Yes. Although the recipe says 400g for four people. And that’s not enough. So I went and bought another pork fillet. 800g for four people!

Mick: So we had 200g each? That was very nice. Perfect. If I’d had a few pieces less I would have been unsatisfied!

Kate: That’s gratitude for you.

Mick: No, I enjoyed it so much, if I’d had any fewer pieces, it would have been a disappointment.

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“Chinese-style Marinated Pork” and “Lemon Tart” from “Bill’s Basics”