“Chicken and Chorizo Paella” from “Save with Jamie”

Kirstin: We’re having a paella tonight.

Tom: Or as they say in Spain, paella.

Georgia: It’s so yummy!

Tom: Hmmm.

Kirstin: And what do you think Ella?

Ella: I like the prawns!


Kirstin: What about the other ingredients?

Ella: I don’t know. I just like the prawns…

Georgia: The chorizo is really yummy too!

Ella: Making mathematical puns is the first sign of madness.

Tom: Oh no! Ella, you need to be quiet and eat your Pi-Ella.

Kirstin: This is just delicious and I would definitely consider making it again.

Ella: Yes, let’s have this again!

“Chicken and Chorizo Paella” from “Save with Jamie”