“Chicken Adobo with Broccoli Rice” from “The Art of Eating Well”


Anna: I can’t post a picture. There isn’t a way I can take it without it looking like a plate of prison food.

Peter: It doesn’t taste like prison food. As far as I know.

Anna: No, the chicken is really very delicious. I wasn’t sure about this recipe. It looked like there would be too much broth. Or ‘gravy’ as they call it. And there certainly is a lot of it but it tastes like a yummy chicken soup.

Peter: The broccoli rice is very novel. I could see how it might appeal to kids.

Anna: Do you think this is a nice way to eat broccoli?

Peter: It’s a different way to eat broccoli. It’s a bit worthy though.

Anna: Yes, I can see that. I actually quite like it. It’s incredibly simple and gets round the problem of ending up with soggy broccoli by accident. I will need to give it another go to work out if it’s genius or not.


“Chicken Adobo with Broccoli Rice” from “The Art of Eating Well”

“Chicken with Tomatoes & Peppers” and “Cannellini Beans with Rosemary” from “Nigellissima”

Anna: This is brilliant!

Peter: Why do you say that?

Anna: It was super-quick, really easy and tastes delicious!

Peter: It’s very nice, I agree. The chicken tastes quite sweet, in a good way.

Anna: That will be the Marsala. I made this earlier in the day and let it sit, which is no bad thing with chicken thighs, and then prepared the cannellini beans at the last minute.

Peter: The beans go really well with the chicken.

Anna: It’s the rosemary that compliments the chicken so well. Do you know what the best thing about this is?

Peter: I think you’re going to tell me.

Anna: I added some couscous to the leftovers and gave it to Louis for lunch today and he wolfed it down! There’s more in the freezer for him too. Thank you Nigella.

“Chicken with Tomatoes & Peppers” and “Cannellini Beans with Rosemary” from “Nigellissima”

“Toria’s crispy marinated chicken” from “Recipes from my mother for my daughter”

Peter: I’m glad this tastes nice. I needed to get rid of the taste of sick in my mouth from reading the recipe introduction.

Anna: That’s a bit harsh.

Peter: It seems unnecessarily emotive.

Anna: Have you seen the title of the book? Anyway, what do you think of the food?

Peter: It’s nice. But I never eat chicken skin so the crispy marinated bit was somewhat lost on me.

Anna: I had to cheat anyway and stick the grill on for 10 minutes at the end. These thighs weren’t crispy at all after the alloted cooking time.

Peter: The potatoes are nice. Were they a faff?

Anna: Not at all. In fact I’m very happy with how they turned out, and it made this a very easy recipe to do. I think I have to stop chosing recipes with chicken thighs though. Bone-in chicken thighs. I just always get a bit squeemish toward the bone and I never really eat all the meat. Which seems a waste.

Peter: Or get your friendly butcher to de-bone them for you.

Anna: I’m afraid I feel a bit ‘muh’ about this recipe. Big tick for the potatoes but the chicken is too hard to eat. Most importantly it didn’t deliver against the name of the recipe.

“Toria’s crispy marinated chicken” from “Recipes from my mother for my daughter”