“Chicken Burgers, Thai Style” from “It’s All Good”

Kirstin: Oh my goodness, just whizzing up these ingredients made me happy!

Tom: It smelt lovely as I walked into the house too.

Kirstin: Do you like them Miles?


Miles: (thumbs up with mouth chewing).

Ella: What’s this green stuff in the burger?

Kirstin: That’s coriander. Don’t you love it?

Ella: Not really.

Kirstin: And I used turkey and not chicken as it’s easier to get hold of.

Miles: I love it!

Tom: And it would appear Oscar (our cat) also likes the smell of it, judging by his howling.

Kirstin: I think these could become a high rotation recipe, so you’ll have to start liking the taste of coriander, Ella!

“Chicken Burgers, Thai Style” from “It’s All Good”