“White bean soup: two ways” from “Notes from Kitchen Table”

Kirstin: I made some bread especially to go with this soup.

Anna: Is it like in the picture with all the melted cheese on top? Because I only want it if it is.

Kirstin: No it isn’t! I’ll have your piece of bread then!

Anna: It looks like very nice bread and it looks like it will go with the soup very well.


Kirstin: Don’t feel you have to force it down or anything…

Anna: Blimey! Look at those bits of fennel. That’s going to make it awkward to eat, isn’t it?

Kirstin: I just followed her instructions!


Anna: Shall I mush some of these beans up to make it a bit thicker?

Kirstin: She doesn’t say that in the recipe, but I’m all for a little bit of mush in a soup.

Anna: This is actually really delicious.

Kirstin: I think that fennel goes really well with the beans!

Anna: What I like about this is that the soup hasn’t been whizzed up. I think every other white bean soup I have ever made has been liquidised.

Kirstin: And it’s perfect for this snowy day too. It would make a perfect starter for the winter months.

“White bean soup: two ways” from “Notes from Kitchen Table”

“Stuffed Roast Chicken” from Gordon Ramsay’s “Ultimate Cookery Course”.

Kirstin: You can’t tell from the title of this, what he’s stuffed the chicken with, but oh my goodness!

Tom: What have you stuffed it with then?


Kirstin: Chorizo, cannellini beans and sun-dried tomatoes. It smelt absolutely wonderful as I simmered it all on the hob.

Tom: I wondered what that delicious smell was.

Kirstin: And of course, adding the wine and water to the baking tray, kept the chicken moist.

Tom: Yes, it was perfectly tender.

Kirstin: I wasn’t sure about the paprika on the bird itself, but that was all good too! In summary, it was a really special way of cooking a chicken. I didn’t get a very good picture of it on the table because I wanted to tuck in!


“Stuffed Roast Chicken” from Gordon Ramsay’s “Ultimate Cookery Course”.

“Chicken with Tomatoes & Peppers” and “Cannellini Beans with Rosemary” from “Nigellissima”

Anna: This is brilliant!

Peter: Why do you say that?

Anna: It was super-quick, really easy and tastes delicious!

Peter: It’s very nice, I agree. The chicken tastes quite sweet, in a good way.

Anna: That will be the Marsala. I made this earlier in the day and let it sit, which is no bad thing with chicken thighs, and then prepared the cannellini beans at the last minute.

Peter: The beans go really well with the chicken.

Anna: It’s the rosemary that compliments the chicken so well. Do you know what the best thing about this is?

Peter: I think you’re going to tell me.

Anna: I added some couscous to the leftovers and gave it to Louis for lunch today and he wolfed it down! There’s more in the freezer for him too. Thank you Nigella.

“Chicken with Tomatoes & Peppers” and “Cannellini Beans with Rosemary” from “Nigellissima”

“White Bean Soup” from “Easy”

Peter: Oh look. Another meal with cannellini beans. Have we turned vegan?

Anna: That’s what comes of a chapter entitled ‘Tin of Beans”.

Peter: It’s certainly filling. And it seems like it could be a sensible store-cupboard soup. Can it be rustled up quickly?

Anna: Yes, it was pretty quick. It tastes a bit meh to me though. What it’s crying out for is some chilli, or pancetta, or both. But it does what it says on the tin. It’s a white bean soup!

“White Bean Soup” from “Easy”