“Bolognese Sauce – The real deal” from “Gizzi’s Healthy Appetite”


Kirstin: So this took 4 hours to cook. What do you think?

Tom: That’s quite intensive!

Kirstin: Only the first hour really. And not really. The rest was just 3 hours of simmering on the hob, which gave me time to get our favourite bottle of red wine to go with.

Tom: Oh yes. Thank you!

Kirstin: Can you taste the milk?

Tom: Not really.

Kirstin: I’m not overly impressed with this recipe. I suppose for 4 hours, I would have expected something with more flavours. Think I’ll stick with our traditional sausage sauce.

“Bolognese Sauce – The real deal” from “Gizzi’s Healthy Appetite”

“Beef Ragu and Courgetti” from “The Art of Eating Well”

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Anna: I’m making normal pasta for the kids. Would you like spaghetti or do you want to try the courgette spaghetti?

Peter: In for a penny and all that.

Anna Do you like this sauce Louis? It’s like sausage sauce. But a bit different.

Louis: I like it. Please can I have some more?

Peter: Isabella likes it too!

Anna: That’s good, because it’s got lots of grated carrots in it.

Peter: So how is it different from your normal bolognese?

Anna: It’s not really. Beef mince, onions, wine, tomatoes, cook for hours, add grated carrots… Normally the carrots are added at the beginning as a sofrito, so I guess that’s the only difference. It makes it a little more healthy, not that you can tell. I would definitely make this again. It was certainly very easy.

Peter: You can tell this isn’t spaghetti.

Anna: Yes, you can. I’m confused by this courgette spaghetti. They say to warm it up in butter but I wonder whether I should have blanched it in boiling water for a minute, just to soften it. Though that might have made it mushy and horrible. I need to give it another go. So far, unconvinced.


“Beef Ragu and Courgetti” from “The Art of Eating Well”

“Weeknight Bolognese” from “How Easy is that?”

Tom: It is Friday night. And on Friday night we normally have sausage sauce. But this Friday, we are having a different sauce with our pasta. Sausage sauce has which kind of meat in it, Miles?

Miles: Beef?

Tom: Not beef! Good guess.


Ella: Pig flesh?

Tom: And what is pig flesh normally called?

Miles: Pork!

Tom: But this is not pork. This is beef.

Ella: Flesh.

Tom: So what do you think of this Spaghetti Bolognese?

Georgia: I had Bolognese in Crete for dinner once.

Tom: I like this because of the cream. It’s like our sausage sauce recipe, but with beef.

Ella: I like it!

Miles: I do too!

Kirstin: Super easy to make.

“Weeknight Bolognese” from “How Easy is that?”

“Turkey Bolognese” from “Leon 2”

Peter: This tastes of childhood.

Anna: What do you mean by that?

Peter: Well it’s a fairly innocuous base from which you can build any dish.

Anna: Sorry? Is that a metaphor for your childhood?

Peter: No.

Anna: But you’re saying that your mum used to make one thing and then dress it up lots of different ways during the week?

Peter: Yes. So you could put potato on top and you’d have shepherds pie. You could have it with boiled potatoes. Or, as here, in a spag bol.

Anna: Sounds delicious.  Well, I liked this as it was a healthy bolognese, but gutsy thanks to the wine and the mushrooms.  And it was very easy to throw together. So another tick.  But I have one gripe.

Peter: What’s that then?

Anna: It was way too runny. There’s just too many liquid components to the recipe. Lots of tinned tomatoes, lots of stock, lots of wine. Someone has got the proportions very wrong. You could easily cut the amount of liquid by a third.

Peter: There are lots of leftovers.

Anna: I’m not making a pie tomorrow, if that’s what you have in mind. But we will have it in a baked potato. So I guess I’m more like your mum than I thought.

“Turkey Bolognese” from “Leon 2”