“Light Butter Chicken” from “Easy”

Despite turning my dining room upside down trying to find the dialogue for this curry recipe from Bill Granger, I couldn’t find it. To summarise: everyone liked it, even the boys.

When I expressed surprise that I made a curry recipe that they actually liked, they pointed out there were others that they liked too. So I trolled through the Cookbook a Month archives, and sure enough, there were other curries that they liked.

In fact, the other curry that they liked was from “Bill’s Everyday Asian” and it was remarkably similar to this one. However, I do think that this version is slightly superior if only because you don’t need to make the curry paste yourself. You just take what you need out of the already made tandoori paste.

In my case, as I couldn’t find tandoori paste, I used tikka masala curry paste. Just so you know, I did a fair amount of time on the internet and reading other cookbooks to see if that was a fair substitution. In the end, the website of Patak’s, who make most of the curry paste in this country, said it was fine, so I went for it.

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“Light Butter Chicken” from “Easy”