“Sausages with Beans & Peppers” from “Nigellissima”

Maureen: What does everyone think?

Andrew (13, doing a teenager shrug that only a teenager can): It’s OK.

Tim: As it happens, I was looking for something for dinner not a million miles away from this, so I like it. Plus, it’s got legumes in it and you know how I feel about them.

Maureen: I was anticipating your needs without talking to you! Gold star for me.

(Yes, that’s steam coming off of the bowl. So now you know it was hot.)

Nicholas (9): I think it’s just OK. It’s just like any other meal to me.

Maureen: So you think it’s nothing special?

Nicholas: Yup.

Maureen: Well I like it. Also, I hope you’re all feeling the love. I could not find a jar of roasted red peppers in West Greenwich for love or money, so I roasted them myself. That means the next time I make this, it will be even easier.

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“Sausages with Beans & Peppers” from “Nigellissima”

“Superb Pork Loin” with “King of Mash: Irish Champ” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

Maureen: Tonight we are having roast pork and Irish champ, which is just another version of mashed potatoes.

Nicholas (8): You mean strange mashed potatoes.

Maureen: They’re not strange! I think they’re delicious.

Andrew (12): The roast pork is nice. It tastes like sausages.

Maureen: Well, it should, since sausages are made out of pork.

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“Superb Pork Loin” with “King of Mash: Irish Champ” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”