“Lemon sorbet” from “The River Cafe Cook Book”

Ella: Oh my god. That is amazing.

Georgia: It is awesome! Divine! Amazing! Stupendous! Phenomenal!

Ella: Lemonish.

Kirstin: And the mystery ingredient is?

Georgia: Lemon zest?

Ella: Guacamole! No, I know this. It’s banana! All lemon sorbet has banana in it. There’s just one thing. I don’t like the little lemon bits in it. The best sorbet I ever had was in Italy. It was actually in a lemon. It was yum. All lemon sorbet is fabulicious.

Kirstin: Oh, that was at the Four Winds in Montepulciano. I see these girls are adding their own secret ingredient, not in the River Cafe recipe…

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“Lemon sorbet” from “The River Cafe Cook Book”

“Spaghetti with Clams” and “Lemon Sorbet” from “The River Cafe Cook Book”

Kirstin: We normally make the clams recipe from River Cafe Book 2. So I’d never noticed this recipe before. It’s next to “Spaghetti al limone”, which we used to make all the time, so that’s odd. It’s easy to prepare. I took Miles to the Chinese supermarket to buy the clams, and he had a fit, and was very interested in the death of the clams. ‘Why do they have to die?’ he asked.

Tom: I hadn’t realised this was a different recipe until I noticed the lack of lemons.

Kirstin: There’s more wine, which I thought worked really well. I liked the way you put the oil in, then you add the wine, and then the garlic and chilli into the mix.

Lee: The bin-bowl in the middle gave it that decadent Roman feel. You just throw your shells into the bowl. And afterwards my bowl was pimpled with parsley, which was nice. You like that word? Pimpled.

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“Spaghetti with Clams” and “Lemon Sorbet” from “The River Cafe Cook Book”