“Asian-Steamed Halibut with Scallions and Boy Choy” from ” It’s All Easy”

Miles: Why the bag?

Kirstin: That’s how you cook the fish in this recipe!

Miles: Is that gravy?

Kirstin: No. It’s sauce.

Ella: So what do I need to make a pun about?

Kirstin: Halibut?

Ella: Hey, mum. Cooking these halibut must have it have been worth it in the end.

Tom: Very tasty! And what are we having with it?

Kirstin: A salad. And I found some samphire in the fridge, so we’re having that too. I also forgot to do the scallions! Forgive me Gwyneth.

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“Asian-Steamed Halibut with Scallions and Boy Choy” from ” It’s All Easy”

“Asian Avocado Toast” from “It’s All Easy”

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Kirstin: Tom, what do you think of this then? Compared to our usual fried egg with Asian style avocado toast.

Tom: …

Kirstin: Right, so I used mayo in the part under the avocado toast. Do you like it?

Tom: …

Kirstin: And there’s the special Japanese seasoning which I have to admit I bought after much searching. I always like a challenge at the local Asian supermarket.

Tom: …

Kirstin: Oh right. You’ve finished yours. Was it good?

Tom: Yes!

Kirstin: I love it when you don’t say anything because you’re too busy enjoying the food.

“Asian Avocado Toast” from “It’s All Easy”

“Katsu Curry” from “Jamie’s Comfort Food”

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Kirstin: I made this especially for you Miles, as I know you always choose this at Wagamama.

Tom: It smells amazing!

Kirstin: Doesn’t it? And I even did some deep fat frying too. Except I didn’t go the whole 8cm of oil, because we didn’t have enough oil! So what do you think Miles?

Miles: I love it! Could you make it again?

Kirstin: Well, I could. Even though it’s a bit of a faff! I particularly liked the rice.

Tom: What was the magic ingredient?

Kirstin: Creamed coconut. Subtle, but delicious. And sadly, with the daylight savings we are now into the territory of terrible food photography from me. Apologies for the next few months.

“Katsu Curry” from “Jamie’s Comfort Food”

“Chicken & Cashew Chicken” from “Bill’s Everyday Asian”

Andrew (11): So what are we eating this month?

Maureen: Asian food.

Andrew: This will be a fun one, then.

Maureen: Are you being sarcastic?

Andrew: Yes. Because the only fun Asian food is chicken curry. And sushi. But that’s it.

Maureen: This is chicken curry, though.

Nicholas (8): I like this, actually!

Maureen: What??? There’s chilli in it, you know.

Nicholas: I like that it’s not spicy. I like the peanuts. It’s simple. I would like you to make this again, very much.

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“Chicken & Cashew Chicken” from “Bill’s Everyday Asian”

“Salmon and sushi rice with hot, sweet and sour Asian sauce” from “Kitchen”

Anna: Ok, I think I have found my new, favourite, mid-week salmon dish.  This is SO easy.  And SO quick.  And delicious.  And healthy.  And…..

Peter: Calm down.

Anna: Sorry.

Peter: What makes it so much better than the other salmon recipes you always cook?

Anna: Well, it only takes as long as it takes to cook the rice.  I used jasmine rice as we don’t have any sushi rice in the house.

Peter: Which tasted fine, didn’t it?

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“Salmon and sushi rice with hot, sweet and sour Asian sauce” from “Kitchen”