“Soft Spiced Apple Cake” from “Flavour”


Kirstin: Soft spiced apple cake. What could be more perfect on a winter’s evening with friends? Or come to that, on a Monday morning while doing chores? Or on a Sunday afternoon while tackling a puzzle in front of a fire? It turns out that THIS is the perfect cake for ALL of those activities. And more. If lasts that long in your house, that is! Do not be put off by the long list of spices; they are there for a reason. This is beautifully perfumed and heavenly. Super easy to make, THIS is the recipe I will come back to again and again. Epic. And for a non-baker, I have to admit I am VERY curious about her previous book now.

“Soft Spiced Apple Cake” from “Flavour”

“Lamb Kofta Tagine”, “Golden Couscous” and “Butterscotch Apple Pudding” from “Rachel’s Everyday Kitchen”

Louis: Aunty Woffy meatballs! Louis eat meatballs with Aunty Woffy!

Kate: I’m flattered to be associated with meatballs.

Anna: Kofta actually. But he knows meatballs, so that’s what I’ve told him they are. I’ll be interested to see if he eats them.

Peter: This is nice.

Anna: How many meatballs would you like Louis?

Louis: Two.

Anna: How much couscous?

Louis: No. No couscous.

Kate: Well I like it. In fact I’ll have a few more meatballs.

Anna: The pudding is a bit of a failure I’m afraid.

Peter: It tastes fine.

Anna: But there’s no sponge to speak of. It’s a sweet soggy mess. I think the cooking apples gave off too much moisture. It’s similar to Bill Granger’s banana butterscotch pudding recipe but doesn’t work as well. Oh well.

“Lamb Kofta Tagine”, “Golden Couscous” and “Butterscotch Apple Pudding” from “Rachel’s Everyday Kitchen”

Italian Apple Pie

Kirstin: This cake was one of the easiest cakes I have ever made. I bunged most of the ingredients in the food processor and then whizzed away. The apples on the top were a pleasure to arrange as they looked so gorgeous!

Tom: Well it tastes delicious.

Kirstin: And it’s perfect for this time of year too, with all the apples and all. I love the story behind it too. The recipe came from one of her twitter followers and we all know how much I’m trying to get into twitter at the moment.

Tom: It’s perfect for an autumn evening.

Kirstin: Indeed!

Italian Apple Pie

“Apple & Watercress Salad” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

In case you didn’t get the memo, Jamie Oliver’s next move will be world domination. He has a staff of 1,000. He makes millions every year. His “30-Minute Meals” was the fastest and best-selling non-fiction book of all time in the United Kingdom. The fact that the aforementioned book nearly killed us is neither here nor there. Jamie is an industry unto himself.

Just in time for the Christmas season is “Jamie’s Great Britain.” Bookmaker William Hill is offering 1:2 odds that this will be the best selling book this Christmas. Given how many Christmas trees had “30-Minute Meals” underneath them, I think that’s a pretty safe bet.

With the glorious Indian summer we’ve been having here in London, I thought the best way to kick things off would be with an Apple and Watercress Salad with blue cheese dressing and crushed walnuts. I’m sorry there’s no conversation for this one, but since I was eating alone, it would be a worrisome development for both the blog and myself if I did have dialogue to provide.

This was delicious and easy. The salad is basically apples, watercress, walnuts and blue cheese with a dressing of spring onion, yoghurt, cider vinegar, olive oil, seasonings and more blue cheese. I used my food processor to slice the apples thinly and quickly, and then used it again to whip up the dressing.

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“Apple & Watercress Salad” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

“Apple Streusel Cake” from The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days

Maureen: After a fantastic barbeque of beef tagliata (thanks Nigella!) with asparagus, aubergine, peppers and halloumi, it’s time for dessert. Tonight it’s apple struesel cake.

Andrew (11) and Nicholas (7): Hooray! Cake!!

Alice (Visiting grandmother): Has your mom ever made you a cake you haven’t liked?

Andrew: Yes! The prune cake!

Andrew and Nicholas: Yuck! Awful! Worst Ever! Disgusting!

Tim: There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and there’s no such thing as a microwave cake.

Andrew: It was truly disgusting. It was the worst thing ever!

Maureen: Moving on from the microwave cake, which we can agree was a crime against gastrononmy. What do we think about this one?

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“Apple Streusel Cake” from The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days

“Upside down apple and cardamom tart” from “Leon 2”

Tom: This is really lovely and light and crisp. Puddings can be a bit stodgy sometimes, and this so isn’t.

Julia: The apples are perfectly cooked. But I can’t taste the cardamom.

Roger: It’s deceptive that such simple ingredients can result in such a sublime dish!

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“Upside down apple and cardamom tart” from “Leon 2”