“Pear, almond and chocolate crumble” from “Easy Meals”

Georgia: I’ve yet to warm to Rachel O’Rachel, but I warm to this pudding, for some reason. What’s her thing?

Kirstin: Simple and straightforward. I’ll show you the book.

Georgia: I’ve got one of them, but never cooked anything from it. So how is it organised? Five ingredients or less? Hmmm? Or fewer, surely?

Tom: Ouch! That’s because the supermarket gets it wrong too.

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“Pear, almond and chocolate crumble” from “Easy Meals”

“Scotti’s La Capreses Chocolate Cake” from “A Taste of Home”

Flourless cakes must be all the rage these days, because this is the third cookbook we’ve done that’s had a recipe for one. I’ve already made the one from Leon (success) and the chocolate-organge one from Lucas Hollweg (another winner in a cookbook of winners). Now it’s Angela’s turn.

The first great thing about this recipe is that it’s easy to remember, for the next time we’re in a holiday house and are desperate for some cake. 200 grams each of unsalted butter, caster sugar, dark chocolate and ground almonds, combined with 4 eggs separated, cook at 160C for 40 minutes and you’re done. Some people might struggle with beating the egg whites, which makes the “air” in the cake. But the more you make flourless cakes, the easier this gets.

I managed to make this on a particularly busy day for my book club that night and wasn’t at all stressed by doing it.

It was a resounding success at book club. This is the reason why there is no dialogue to go with this recipe. Anyone who’s ever been in a book club will understand why it is that I didn’t write down the dialogue. I would have also had to filter out all manner of discussion including travel plans for the summer, stories about our families, not to mention the book of the month. (In this case, it was “Annabel.” Fascinating book, but with a disappointing ending. But I digress.)

Everyone loved the chocolate cake. As people were eating their slices, one of my friends asked, “Who thinks this cake is the best thing that’s happened to them all day?” and everyone raised their hands.

Andrew and Nicholas, who got to have some leftover cake the next day, also agreed. They loved it too.

I will definitely be making this again, and will be recommending this recipe to my friends as well.

“Scotti’s La Capreses Chocolate Cake” from “A Taste of Home”

“Little almond cakes with raspberries” from “Good Things to Eat”

Kirstin: So, what do you think of these?

Miles: It’s delicious. I think it’s good. What’s that in the middle?

Kirstin: A raspberry. Would you like me to make it again?

Miles: Yes please. My favourite Megyptian person is Anubis. And all the other Megyptian gods. Even that flying person and Tutankhamen.

Ella: Personally, I like Isis and Sekmeht.

Kirstin: Did you like the cake?

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“Little almond cakes with raspberries” from “Good Things to Eat”

“Pork Cooked in Milk” and other dishes from “The River Cafe Cook Book”

This evening Anna prepared a River Cafe feast. Her intended guests were unable to come and eat it because of the closure of the Blackwall Tunnel. So Kirstin and her family had to step in at the last minute to eat the food. The menu: “Pork Cooked in Milk”, “Spinach with Oil and Lemon”, “Mashed Potatoes with Olive Oil and Parmesan” and “Bitter Chocolate Almond Torte”.

Anna: I was trying to find something appropriate for a Sunday, having guests round, that wouldn’t cost a fortune — that didn’t involve a whole shin of veal.

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“Pork Cooked in Milk” and other dishes from “The River Cafe Cook Book”