“Jalapeño-honey steak” from “Dinner”

Kirstin: This was the first recipe I wanted to make from this book. We love chillies and we all those yummy Asian flavours. The jalaapeno and honey added a wonderful flavour to the steak. As did the coriander and lime. It was also lovely to leave it all to marinate while we had a glass of rose and enjoyed the new hour of sunlight in the day. We took a little longer than expected cooking the steak, but that’s because we only rarely have beef. I might well make this again, but not before I’ve made several of the other recipes first!

“Jalapeño-honey steak” from “Dinner”

Cookbook of the Month, April 2017: “Dinner, Changing the Game” by Melissa Clark

Maureen: I love how she says in the introduction this is a book for the nights when you’re too tired to make dinner. I can relate. In fact, I’m sure we can call relate.

Kirstin: I’m a huge fan of hers at the NY Times, and I always read her. I’m in love with her anyway, so this is going to be great.

Maureen: I always like reading her recipes in the New York Times. They’re always good. So to have a month of that, I think will be a winner.

Kirstin: I read about this book, but I didn’t want to buy it. Amazon didn’t describe it properly.

Kirstin: A whole chapter on “On The Grind.”  I’m going to do all the Asian stuff.

Maureen: The other good thing about this book is there are so many recipes to choose from. It’s comprehensive. But it’s also weeknight doable.

Kirstin: This coobook doesn’t even have a desserts section. Just get on with the main meal.

Maureen: It’s one pot cooking. You’ve got to love any recipe that doesn’t require that you wash 12 bowls and three pots once you’re all done.

Cookbook of the Month, April 2017: “Dinner, Changing the Game” by Melissa Clark