“Grilled Salmon with Grilled Lemon Vinaigrette” and “Asian Greens with Garlic, Ginger + Fish Sauce” from “It’s All Good”

Maureen: I don’t think I’ve ever used the grill pan for salmon. I was really skeptical that it would work, but it did.

Andrew (13): I like salmon. This is pretty good.

Nicholas (10): The rice is good.

Maureen: We’re not talking about the rice. Or the asparagus, for that matter. Only the salmon and the greens.


Tim: I like it, but I think the salmon is a little dry.

Maureen: I don’t agree. I think it’s fine. I think the problem is you’re not such a huge fan of salmon.

Tim: That’s true.

Maureen: What do you think of the bok choy, or, as Gwyneth calls it, the asian greens with garlic, ginger and fish sauce?

Tim: I like that. It’s got an interesting flavour.

Maureen: I like that it’s a different way to prepare vegetables.

Andrew: I’m not so sure about it.

Nicholas: I don’t like the salmon. Or the vegetables. Thumbs down for both.

Maureen: I like them both, but I seem to be the only one. This is not a bad recipe, but it hasn’t been a crowd pleaser, either. Better luck next time, Pepper Potts.

“Grilled Salmon with Grilled Lemon Vinaigrette” and “Asian Greens with Garlic, Ginger + Fish Sauce” from “It’s All Good”

“Roasted Bass, Baked Clam Style” from “It’s All Good”

Maureen: Fish Friday! And a recipe from none other than Pepper Potts!

Nicholas (10): Pepper Potts wrote a cookbook?

Maureen: No, not really. But Gwyneth Paltrow, the actress who played her, did. But she says she got the idea for this dish when she was filming Iron Man 3 in North Carolina. Since we just saw Iron Man 3 ourselves, I thought it appropriate that we give this a try. What do you think?

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“Roasted Bass, Baked Clam Style” from “It’s All Good”

“Super-Crispy Roast Chicken” from “It’s All Good”

I have an admission. I’ve been using this recipe every week for over a month now and have yet to take a picture of the chicken. Now why is that? Because it’s so very good, that’s why. I forget to get the camera out. Every. Single. Time.

So, instead here is the picture I took of my glass of wine while roasting the chicken. And believe me, I don’t leave the kitchen when I am cooking this because it smells so good.


It’s a wonderfully simple recipe. Half an onion and half a lemon wedged up the chicken, after drying it and then just pile on the salt and a little pepper having applied a little olive oil to the skin. Baste every half an hour for 90 minutes. Ta da! Done! And it makes proper good gravy too.

I know I have said how I will start making whichever recipe for roast chicken I have discovered that month, but truly this is it.  I have found my Holy Grail  of roast chicken recipes.

It is ALL good!

“Super-Crispy Roast Chicken” from “It’s All Good”

“Perfect Herbed Grilled Chicken” from “It’s All Good”

Kirstin: This was super easy. I whizzed all the required herbs (and there were quite a few) with some oil, lemon zest, lemon juice and oil, marinated the chicken in it and then fried the chicken. The only problem this evening was the amazing light in our kitchen which I found a tad distracting.

Miles: It’s yummy!


Tom: It makes me think of summer holidays.

Kirstin: Yes, I think this book will be coming with us on our holidays. Even if I can’t get some of the stranger ingredients, I will be able to look at the pictures.

Tom: Ella, you ate all of your chicken!

Ella: That’s because it was delicious!

“Perfect Herbed Grilled Chicken” from “It’s All Good”

“Risotto with Peas and Greens” from “It’s All Good”


Kirstin: I had a lovely time getting this risotto ready even though I am the world’s worst stirrer.

Tom: It smelt delicious from upstairs.

Kirstin: It tastes good too. I particularly love the lemon.

Tom: And no cheese, you say?

Kirstin: None of that bad boy nonsense for Gwyneth!


“Risotto with Peas and Greens” from “It’s All Good”

“Two Pan Chicken with Harissa, Preserved Lemons and Green Olives” and “Quinoa with Mushrooms and Arugula” from ” “It’s all Good”


Tom: What was all that with the two pans?

Kirstin: I had to get fry the chicken first and then put a heated pan on TOP of the chicken. And then stick it in the oven.

Tom: And the boned chicken!

Kirstin: I know! What a revelation boneless chicken is! I put harissa under the skin and all then on top of the skin and left it to marinade for a good few hours.

Tom: The skin could have been crispier. I think you should turn the chicken over before you put the second pan on the top to crisp it up.

Kirstin: Good idea! Because I will be doing this one again. I could easily eat it every weekend. As was the quinoa.

Tom: Yes, that was delicious too.

Kirstin: You were a Saint to help me destone all those olives. Thank you.

“Two Pan Chicken with Harissa, Preserved Lemons and Green Olives” and “Quinoa with Mushrooms and Arugula” from ” “It’s all Good”

“Chicken Burgers, Thai Style” from “It’s All Good”

Kirstin: Oh my goodness, just whizzing up these ingredients made me happy!

Tom: It smelt lovely as I walked into the house too.

Kirstin: Do you like them Miles?


Miles: (thumbs up with mouth chewing).

Ella: What’s this green stuff in the burger?

Kirstin: That’s coriander. Don’t you love it?

Ella: Not really.

Kirstin: And I used turkey and not chicken as it’s easier to get hold of.

Miles: I love it!

Tom: And it would appear Oscar (our cat) also likes the smell of it, judging by his howling.

Kirstin: I think these could become a high rotation recipe, so you’ll have to start liking the taste of coriander, Ella!

“Chicken Burgers, Thai Style” from “It’s All Good”