“Lemon chicken with za’atar” from “Falastin”

Kirstin: Flavours I have missed the most during lockdown? All the Middle Eastern ones. I hadn’t realised how often we ate Middle Eastern food when we are out and about. And how little of it I cook at home. So when I saw this book, I was SOLD. All the more so when I saw the photography was by Jenny Zarins, one of my favourite photographers. Ever. Interestingly, Tom is missing all the Chinese flavours, so I’m working on that too. Because meals are taking on so much more significance these days; they are a way to wind down, a way to travel (albeit through food), a way to reminisce through flavours, a way to connect with my lockdown crew, a way to give happiness, a way to celebrate life. .
Thankfully I had all the ingredients I needed for this. No having to forage in the outdoor world (how do I always manage to hit peak queue?).

But now let’s go back to this recipe. Because there were baked lemon slices. And garlic heads. Marinated all day. And all those crazy lovely Middle Eastern flavours. I’m already planning to make a whole load more from this book because it gives me so much joy. Also the story about the olive tree (and the separatist wall) had me in tears. Like so many things these days.

Now. Do we have any tahini in the house?

“Lemon chicken with za’atar” from “Falastin”

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