“Tomato Poached fish with chile oil and herbs” from “NYT app”

Kirstin: Back in the 90s. When there was no coronavirus. Or Trump. Well there was Trump, but not in his current form. There was the Gotham Bar and Grill in New York, which sadly exists no more. Tom’s godparents took us there one late August for our first experience of grown up Manhattan dining. Laurie Anderson was there. I still don’t know who she is but everyone else was very excited and even the air tasted different. Anyway. There was a cookbook to go with the Gotham restaurant. The chef used to be a jeweller, so for many recipes there were options (go with me here, there is a point. Honest). You could have EVERYDAY presentation. Or. GOTHAM presentation where the food was piled as high as you could make it go. I have pictures of us doing Gotham presentation with our friends. It was mad. And also before children.
Cue this recipe. By Alison Roman (A. Ro.) Who we love. And tomatoes. Which as all keen readers of this blog will know our kids HATE. They will get over it ONE DAY. See also herbs. So this meant that as I finished this recipe I knew that there was going to have to be everyday presentation and also FANCY PANTS presentation. And so here we are. FANCY PANTS presentation. But also yummy food which the kids missed out. And one day I will make sure they know how much they missed out. This was YUM. It really was. The fish sauce added a depth to the stock. The shallot and garlic added an extra zing to the dressing. The coriander added a fresh flavour to it all. Make this. You will not be disappointed. Simple and full of flavours. And I would recommend the A. Ro presentation.

“Tomato Poached fish with chile oil and herbs” from “NYT app”

2 thoughts on ““Tomato Poached fish with chile oil and herbs” from “NYT app”

  1. Kari says:

    Gotham still exists, and is still very good.

    Love this blog, thanks to you both for keeping it up during quarantine.

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