Our Verdict: Quick and Delicious by Gordon Ramsay

Maureen: This was actually quite a good book, much to my surprise.

Kirstin: It was a solid book.

Maureen: These recipes were exactly what I like to cook. We had a lot of good meals this month, and I didn’t even post everything that I cooked, which is always the sign of a good book.

Kirstin: One recipe I’ve already made twice was Korean-style Prawn Fried Rice. It was excellent.

Maureen: I very much appreciated that he said they would take 30 minutes to cook and for the most part they were 30 minutes.

Kirstin: I didn’t like the ordering in some of the recipes. He didn’t do it in the order that I would do it, and that was confusing at times. If it’s going to be a 30 minute recipe, it should be well thought out.

Maureen: I liked how he used a lot of cheese and butter. That really hit our sweet spot.

Kirstin: It’s quite retro, isn’t it? It felt like a book written by someone who learned to cook in the 1980s, I don’t know if that was Gordon or not, but that’s what it felt like.

Maureen: He did learn to cook in the 1980s! Or maybe it was the 1990s. I didn’t quite get the retro vibe, but I think I liked it more than you did.

Kirstin: The tips were good. The pasta tips were really solid, like cooking pasta with slightly less water so it gets startchier. And now I’m using tongs all the time, like a real chef.

Maureen: I agree. The tips were excellent. Even if we had to live with all these scary headlines, at least we ate well this month.

“Quick and Delicious”
Overall Grade (A- F): A (Kirstin) A (Maureen)
Grade for Photography (A-F): B                                                                             Favourite Recipes: Korean-style Prawn Fried Rice. (Kirstin) Buffalo Chicken and Blue Cheese Dressing. We’ve already had it twice. (Maureen)                                                                                           Any Disasters? No.
Bookshelf or Charity Shop Donation? Kirstin: Bookshelf. Maureen: Might actually be a high rotation bookshelf, but only if I find myself making things again and again. Watch this space.

Our Verdict: Quick and Delicious by Gordon Ramsay

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