“One-Pot chicken with dates and caramelised lemon” from “nothing fancy”

Kirstin: This week, it’s just the boy and me. Tom is away, travelling. And Tate is at university. So I’ve had to think a bit harder about what I can cook for just the two of us. This looked like a good bet, as I could see I could scale it down. Or indeed up.

As you may all be aware I’m not generally keen on fruit with meat. But I’m trying a little harder than previously. I don’t want to miss out on flavours, you know? Also I trust Alison so if I am going to experiment a little more, then it’s always going to be with her. And then there was the Urfa chile and caramelised lemon which sealed the deal.

I made this earlier on in the day so it could get good and proper yum. And it was totally worth it. The flavours were so very deep with just the right amount of chile, perfect for winter. Miles has already asked for this again later in the week. I may well take him up on his request as he’s having braces fitted and I am happy to do anything to help ease his pain.

“One-Pot chicken with dates and caramelised lemon” from “nothing fancy”

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