“Coconut-braised chicken with chickpeas and lime” from “Nothing Fancy”

Kirstin: Ah, this is amazing. Like #thestew but with chicken too.


Kirstin: Which is why I made this. Because I know how much you love gochujang.

Tom: I do. I do!

Kirstin: A whole two tablespoons of it, that is! I loved that all the slow cooking with the spices added a real depth to the flavour. And for the record, this only has one can of coconut milk, not two as she recommends. I think that was plenty to be honest.

Tom: And I saw you packing leftovers into the fridge. Was that for lunch tomorrow?

Kirstin: It’s part of my new test for a recipe. How well it warms up the next day. Just kidding. But we had some leftovers and it will be perfect between morning surgery and before I go out to do a home visit at work tomorrow. I tend to get very peckish before doing home visits which makes me hangry. Not a good look when seeing patients. How do you think this compares with the original stew?

Tom: I loved everything about this. I also loved the peanuts as the garnish too. I hope you’re making this again.

Kirstin: I will be. Have no fear!

Kirstin: AND the leftovers were AMAZING!

“Coconut-braised chicken with chickpeas and lime” from “Nothing Fancy”

2 thoughts on ““Coconut-braised chicken with chickpeas and lime” from “Nothing Fancy”

  1. Wow! I had to try this after your review and it is unbelievably good- it’s even better the next day. I’ve loved following this blog the last 2 months with the Diana Henry and Alison Roman books – photography is fantastic btw.

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