“Apricot Nectarine Crisp” from “Repertoire”

Kirstin: It’s September. Apricot season is well and truly done. The nectarines however, not so much so I thought I’d give this a go. I feel like I’m being super hard on this book, but that’s because all the recipes are ace. Also I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be making them again and again, so I’m investing time and thought into her whole process.

First off, she suggests putting the slices of fruit into a big bowl and mixing with the sugar and tapioca. Then transferring to a pie dish. I did all the mixing in the pie dish which worked fine for me. Also less washing up.

She suggests you have to bake this for an hour. It took 30 minutes in mine. Granted my oven is a little hotter than others, so if you are going to make this recipe (and I encourage you to give it a go) then just check the cooking times as you go along. I also didn’t use the nuts. But that’s just me.

Finally, I can already imagine how I will jazz this up with a little lemon juice mixed in with the fruit which is always a good sign I will be making this again. I guess I’m just going to have to dream about the jazzing up though as these may be the last few nectarines of the season. UNTIL NEXT SUMMER!

“Apricot Nectarine Crisp” from “Repertoire”

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