“Grilled Tahini Chicken” from “Repertoire”

Kirstin: OMG! WE adored this recipe so much. Miles and I almost demolished an entire chicken between the two of us. Perfect flavours of paprika and tahini combined with garlic and lemon juice. But here again, I went a little off piste. Jessica tells us to use a mortar and pestle and add various ingredients at different points. I just stuck the whole lot in a small blender. She also tells us to grill the pieces on a bbq. But it was a September evening in London, so I stuck the chicken pieces in the oven for a total of 40 minutes (at 200 degrees Celsius, turning them over halfway through) and then sticking them on the grill pan.

We LOVED IT. I don’t think I’ve ever cooked anything with tahini before for the children and I knew Miles would be more receptive. I was not expecting him to be THIS receptive. SO making this one again.

“Grilled Tahini Chicken” from “Repertoire”

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