“Marital Harmony Sausage Pasta” from “Midnight Chicken”

Tom: Sausage sauce is a Friday evening favourite of ours.

Kirstin: Indeed. Our favourite recipe is from the River Cafe Book One. We’ve been making it forever.

Tom: Well since 1996, to be exact.

Kirstin: Right. So we’ve had a good long time to perfect the recipe. Did I tell you I had a GP trainee sitting in with me in my diabetic clinic yesterday?

Tom: NO!

Kirstin: We had an argument about whether Italian or Greek food was better.

Tom: And?

Kirstin: Well then we ended up talking about Sicily and all the flavours. So there’s that. I loved your addition to this recipe.

Tom: I suggested adding pasta water to thicken the sauce a little.

Kirstin: I love it when you remember to add pasta water. Thank you. I would definitely add a few extra steps in this recipe. Like fennel seeds when frying the sausages. And adding some harissa at the end too; I thought it was too bitter with just the rosemary as flavouring.

Tom: But I loved the onions.

Kirstin: Weren’t they amazing? Half moons really added a definite texture. I loved it!

“Marital Harmony Sausage Pasta” from “Midnight Chicken”

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