“Stuck in A Bookshop Salmon and Sticky Rice” from “ Midnight Chicken”

Kirstin: I was intrigued by the title of this recipe, I have to admit. Also salmon. Because you know. It’s an interesting way to make rice (Thai black rice at that) by cooking it in stock and coconut milk, infused with ginger and chilli. And oh how Ella writes about this beautifully. Not so much about the way she writes about alchemy which we had huge doubts about. Nothing was actually changed in the process of cooking this recipe, so maybe alchemy was not the right word to use. Anyway, this recipe is fabulous. Glorious, sticky, full of wonderful flavours despite the unappetising black colour (no I don’t ever cook black pasta either for the same reason).

And I loved Maureen’s post the other day about cooking her first risotto. Because I remember my first experience of cooking a risotto (for the record I still print out recipes AND have a Pinterest page for recipes I find along the way). My first risotto was a Nigel Slater recipe, during a power cut for extra excitement. This recipe felt a little reminiscent as it took a while to find the right kind of rice. And then because there are no actual pictures in the book, I didn’t quite know what to aim for with the rice. A bit like my first risotto.

But. Just like my first risotto, it was an adventure. And definitely worth trying.

“Stuck in A Bookshop Salmon and Sticky Rice” from “ Midnight Chicken”

2 thoughts on ““Stuck in A Bookshop Salmon and Sticky Rice” from “ Midnight Chicken”

  1. Judy Hendershott says:

    I’ve been making risotto for decades, following Marcella Hazan’s recipe in her Italian ‘cooking bible’, and buying the rice (Carnaroli is the best for risotto) at Antonio’s delicatessen in Lewisham.

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