“Lazy Sunday Pastries” from “Midnight Chicken”

Sure, they look wonky. Do I care? I do not. The important thing is they tasted delicious.

We have had a flurry of houseguests this summer. This is hardly news, because having lived in London for more than 20 years, we typically have at least a dozen different guests every  year who come to visit. (A post for a later date: How to be the Perfect Houseguest. I have *thoughts*.) Needless to say, I’ve got weekend hosting duties down to a science: make sure we’ve got plenty of coffee and orange juice, make a fresh pastry run in the morning, and some bonus fruit is always welcome too.

But this idea intrigued me for the house guest we had this past weekend. It was a very easy way to have warm pastries on hand first thing in the morning, but crucially, it looked as though it didn’t require two-cups-of-coffee effort. House guests are stressful enough, I don’t need to add to it by making something very elaborate first thing on Sunday morning that requires more than my usual amount of coffee.

In Ella’s version, you roll chocolate into the puff pastry, though she also encourages you to try variations, like jam or nutella. Emboldened by the encouragement, I made a cinnamon bun filling (brown sugar, cinnamon and melted butter), and put that in the middle instead. To be fair, it’s a variation on the savoury puffs that I made out of Sirocco, though those are delicious and highly recommended too.

While they ended up a bit wonky, it didn’t matter. The house smelled utterly delicious with a minimal amount of effort. The family and our guest hoovered the lot in less than 10 minutes. We’ve got a different house guest arriving on Friday for a six-day stay. Do you think I’ll be making these again? You’d better believe that I will.

“Lazy Sunday Pastries” from “Midnight Chicken”

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