“Trashy Ginger Beer Chicken” from “Midnight Chicken”

Kirstin: Ella had me at the “hands, covering everything with they touch with their gloriously unpretentious sauce”. And we have so missed Asian flavours after a few weeks in Sicily. Also our daughter, Tate is going to have to cook for herself at University, so I’ve been searching for recipes she can take with her. This has already been added to the list. The marinade is filled with yummy things; ginger beer, miso paste, ginger, garlic and chilli flakes. It is a thing of wonder. And I do so love the way Ella suggests you put the oven on an hour before you want to eat.

Then it just goes in the oven, Turned over a few times with marinade. And that’s it. I served it with rice and a crunchy cucumber coriander salad.

Yum. Yum. Yum.

“Trashy Ginger Beer Chicken” from “Midnight Chicken”

4 thoughts on ““Trashy Ginger Beer Chicken” from “Midnight Chicken”

  1. I have made the uplifting pasta with chilli and garlic (and prawns) and her risottos a few times, although I do tweak her method a bit. The chorizo risotto, which I think it a variation (I’m away from home and the book) is very very good.

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