Our Verdict: Simple Cake

Maureen: What’s not to love about cake? So it was a yummy month. My only criticism of the book is there really isn’t many recipes, and there’s nothing that’s really elaborate.

Kirstin: But that’s what I liked about it! You make cake all the time, so maybe you don’t need this book. I do. I liked that it was a simple book.  I wasn’t overwhelmed. I knew I could mix and match.

Maureen: This is def a book for beginners. But to her credit, she does simplify the process. I know I can get a cake made and baked in under an hour, but maybe a lot of people don’t know that. Once you read this book, you realise it doesn’t have to be a big deal to make it.

Kirstin: Yes! That’s just the point. For me, making a cake is huge deal. This cookbook showed me that it doesn’t have to be.

Maureen: I just wish she had slightly more elaborate or challenging recipes for people who do like to bake.

Kirstin: When I make a cake, it’s a big deal. People are impressed that I’ve done it.

Maureen: That’s definitely not true here. We’ve always got cake around, it seems. In fact, there seems to be excess cake in the house here all the time. It’s a good problem to have.

Kirstin: Indeed.

“Simple Cake”
Overall Grade (A- F):   A (Kirstin) B (Maureen)                                                                                 Best recipes: Maureen: Chocolate Olive Oil Cake Kirstin: Lemon cake.
Grade for Photography (A-F): A.                                                                                                    Any disasters? No! No disasters.                                                                                                Bookshelf or Charity Shop Donation? Kirstin: Bookshelf.  Maureen: Low-rotation bookshelf.

Our Verdict: Simple Cake

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