“Chocolatey Chocolate Cake” from “Simple Cake”

Kirstin: I asked our daughter to choose a cake from this book. This is the one they chose. To be more specific, they asked for the Bribery Edition of this cake, complete with fancy icing. The cake itself was fairly straightforward. The icing was a different thing altogether. I may have mentioned this before, but I am not a cake baker. So the idea of whisking icing ingredients over heat, complete with cream of tartar was more than a little intimidating. I am also not convinced that it worked as it should have. BUT…

…I do know that not a single crumb was left. It was completely devoured by some grown ups and three very hungry teens.

And that says it all about this book. Yummy cake goodness!

“Chocolatey Chocolate Cake” from “Simple Cake”

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