“Tangy Olive Oil Cake” from “Simple Cake”

Kirstin: So this cake was made before my new microwave oven had arrived; it was literally delivered a few hours later. So it had to be babysat in my cake killer of an oven, which Helen was very good at helping me with. The thing about these cakes is that they really are very simple and easy to make. I chatted away with Helen while baking this with ease.

And the cake was a huge hit. My only problem was that the recipe is for two cakes. When we only needed one. But hey ho. The more cake, the better! Definitely first world problems.

“Tangy Olive Oil Cake” from “Simple Cake”

2 thoughts on ““Tangy Olive Oil Cake” from “Simple Cake”

  1. Ha! I so relate to the oven woes – mine cannot keep its temperature and I don’t so much bake as coax. I’ve lived with it so long I genuinely don’t know if I could handle an oven that worked properly – I know it so well now.

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