Our Verdict: Together: Our Community Cookbook

Kirstin: I liked it!

Maureen: I did too. It wasn’t long or comprehensive, but it was a lovely book full of recipes that I wouldn’t ordinarily make.

Kirstin: Yes

Maureen: It was like a very expensively produced Women’s Institute or Junior League community cookbook on shiny paper…

Kirstin: ….WIth a duchess thrown in there for good measure…

Maureen: …And with much better photography than you’d get in your standard community cookbook.

Kirstin: You know what I’d like? Guidance at the top on how long it’s going to take to make each recipe because some of the recipes were quite long. I usually try to not cook food that takes longer than an hour.

Maureen: Certianly not on a weeknight. Who has the time? Saying that, I’ll occasionally make something that takes a few hours on a weekday, but I have to be super organised to do that and it’s one of the perks of working from home.

Kirstin: Sometimes, I found it quite frustrating how the steps of the recipe were organised.

Maureen: I don’t know, but maybe I’ve been testing these cookbooks wrong all this time, but I always read a recipe and then do it in whatever way makes the most sense to me.

Kirstin: I completely agree with you and I do that too, but I just wish they had done written some of the recipes differently. Maybe it’s just me. Like with curry, I like to get everything chopped and ready in advance, and then clean up as I go along.

Maureen: [Laughing] I never clean up as I go along. That’s my life philosophy. Just ask Tim.

Kirstin: I was trying to give you the benefit the doubt. But I loved the curry recipes because we don’t do a lot of cookbooks with good curry recipes in it.

Maureen: I loved the different regions they had on offer. I don’t often get to see recipes from Persia or Ethiopia, so I liked giving those a try. I wonder if there’s going to sequel to this. They’ve made loads of money for the Hubb Community Kitchen for this, which is such a great thing.

Kirstin: We’ll wait and see.


“Together: Our Community Cookbook”
Overall Grade (A- F):  B* (Maureen) B (Kirstin) (*Maureen included the caveat, “For a community cookbook, it’s an A, for a professional cookbook compared against others, it’s a B.)
Best recipes: Maureen: Green rice. Kirstin: Coconut Chicken Curry.
Grade for Photography (A-F): A It’s got slightly weird toning, but all the smiles made up for it.
Any disasters? Kirstin: I didn’t have any disasters, but the aubergine takes way too long. Maureen: No. It was all good.
Bookshelf or Charity Shop Donation? Low-rotation bookshelf.                                                                      Would You Give This Book to a Friend?: It would have to be the right friend, but yes.

Our Verdict: Together: Our Community Cookbook

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