“Kofta Kebabs with Onion & Sumac Pickle” from “Together: Our Community Cookbook”

Yum. Koftas. I think I started to make koftas after trying Ottolenghi’s version in Jerusalem. They are a firm family favourite, so I figured I definitely should give these a try. 

We were not disappointed. They were delicious. The onion and sumac pickle added very much of a “delicious street food” vibe.

The recipe also seemed to be much easier to make than the Ottolenghi version, but I just had a look at his recipe and his had roughly an equal amount of ingredients. Perhaps I thought this was easier and quicker because it was– it included the genius suggestion of pulsing the onion, garlic and parsley in the food processor before adding the rest of the ingredients and pulsing again. This made mixing up the koftas so much easier to do.

As per the instructions, I did mould each portion around a wooden skewer, but I’m not sure that was necessary. I would have been able to fit all 12 koftas in my grill pan if I didn’t have to work around the skewers, and we didn’t use them to eat them anyway, so I’ll probably skip that step the next time.

The one thing I did steal from Ottolenghi, though, was the tahini sauce (see in picture above), which he included in his own kofta recipe. That added the perfect finishing touch to an already delicious dinner.

Thumbs up all around the table.


“Kofta Kebabs with Onion & Sumac Pickle” from “Together: Our Community Cookbook”

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