“Jeera Chicken” from “Together: Our Community Cookbook”

Kirstin: And finally, we are back in the game! It’s not like I haven’t been cooking for the last few weeks. If anything cooking has taken up a significant part of my time over the Christmas period. But blogging hasn’t. Anyway, I digress. This is from the Duchess’s cookbook.

Tate (previously known as Ella): You know how I feel about the monarchy.

Kirstin: Yes. Yes, I do. But hear me out. This book is written by the members of the Grenfell Tower community. The community that got together after the fire in the tower and cooked meals for those who had survived.

Tate: That is completely valid.

Miles: And I really like the curry too.

Kirstin: I do too. Except for the part where I accidentally stuck my covered-in-chilli-finger into my eye. That was a huge fail part of the meal.

Tate: It smelled lovely while you were cooking it.

Kirstin: Why thank you. I do like to have all the ingredients ready before I start to make a curry, so I had to faff a bit at the beginning, figuring what I needed. But it was worth it. And I have leftovers for work tomorrow too.

“Jeera Chicken” from “Together: Our Community Cookbook”

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