Our Verdict: Ottolenghi Simple

Maureen: Remember when we went to an event with Ottolenghi?

Kirstin: I do! He was such a gentleman in all senses. Such a sweetie. But that was one of his faffing books.

Maureen: This one certainly had no faffing. Lovely, straightforward, delicious recipes.

Kirstin: Indeed. It was a complete joy to cook from this book. Precisely because there was no faffing and yet all the Ottolenghi flavours were there. I’ve been trying new food things with our daughter away at uni, and this has been the perfect book to do that with.

Maureen: So do you think he’s been holding out all of these years?

Kirstin: I have my suspicions. But it was worth the wait!

Maureen: I know, right? I wonder if he will do more of this kind of cookbook.

Kirstin: Sign me up if he does!

Maureen: And there are so many more recipes to discover in this book.

“Ottolenghi Simple”
Overall Grade (A- F):  A (Maureen) A (Kirstin)
Best recipes: Maureen: Oven chips with oregano and feta. Kirstin: Chicken with miso.
Grade for Photography (A-F): A
Any disasters? Kirstin: NONE Maureen: No!
Bookshelf or Charity Shop Donation? Bookshelf! Bookshelf! Bookshelf!                                                                        Would You Give This Would you give this Book to a Friend?: Yes. Christmas, for sure. Kirstin: I’ve already gifted two copies.

Our Verdict: Ottolenghi Simple

2 thoughts on “Our Verdict: Ottolenghi Simple

  1. Your reviews have been so interesting – I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews about this book, some praising the more simple recipes and some saying they aren’t simple and the book isn’t easy to use, so seeing exactly what you’ve cooked and your assessment of the work vs reward is very useful.

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