“Harissa beef sirloin with pepper and lemon sauce” from “Simple”

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Kirstin: Many of you will know of my love affair with harissa. So this recipe was always going to be a sure winner. The plan for this birthday weekend was to make an early dinner so we could all watch Solo together. So fairly on in the evening, I took the beef out of the fridge to marinate. I had just finished the first episode of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat which had been recommended to me by Maureen. You may remember we reviewed her book earlier this year. Anyway, I digress. But it made me think differently about the way I cooked this recipe. Just cutting the beef felt much interesting as I looked at the way the meat was marbled with fat.

I haven’t roasted peppers like this since the 80s or maybe 90s. My top tip is to halve the peppers and deseed them BEFORE you grill them. I seriously don’t know why people don’t suggest this in recipes, but there you go. And I served mashed potato to go with, to soak up all the juices.

I rarely cook beef. Maybe just a couple of times a year. But I would definitely make this recipe again. Ridiculously simple and beautifully tasty.
And Solo was also fantastic. A perfect weekend.

“Harissa beef sirloin with pepper and lemon sauce” from “Simple”

2 thoughts on ““Harissa beef sirloin with pepper and lemon sauce” from “Simple”

  1. I cooked it today: adored the beef with harissa marinade but didn’t see the point of the pepper sauce. I preferred the beef on its own, and would add a crunchy green salad next time. I served the roast potatoes with feta & oregano with it, delish!

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