Cookbook of the Month, August 2018: How to Eat a Peach by Diana Henry

Kirstin: Have you felt the book yet?

Maureen: Oh, yes! It’s all soft and suede-like.

Kirstin: It’s meant to feel like a peach. So even in the depths of winter, you’ll be able to stroke a peach.

Maureen: That is pretty cool. Saying that, having paged through it, I worry that this is going to be a more aspirational cookbook than one I’ll actually cook from regularly, but we’ll see.

Kirstin: I love Diana Henry. I love her writing and I love her. But people always rave about her cookbooks and I always find them somewhat disappointing.

Maureen: There’s good weekend menus in the book, the sorts of things that you’ll make when you have an entire afternoon set aside to make them.

Kirstin: I like the premise and the photography. Laura Edwards is one of my favourite photographers. And I too have kept menus (yes, those from Chez Panisse are in the folder).

Maureen: The thing I already don’t like about this book is how there’s no main listing of all the recipes in either the back or the front. We’ve had that for the last few books, and it does make it so much easier when you’re trying to plan for a meal. Maybe I got spoiled by that sort of layout.

Kirstin: I know what you mean. It’s an old style, with only the index in the back. “Dining In” is going to be a difficult book to follow. I’m still cooking Alison Roman on the side because I completely adore her, and that book.

M: Talk about cooking other things, I should tell you that I tore my kitchen up trying to find the piece of paper where I wrote down a recipe for pulled pork to make in the pressure cooker. I’ve made it dozens of times but when I went to go make it yesterday, I couldn’t find it anywhere. I had hoped I had saved it on my laptop, but no dice, there either. I looked in every conceivable place.

K: Did you find it?

Maureen: No. I thought I found a recipe on the Internet which was a close copy, but apparently not. The feedback from the table was that the one I always make is better. So if any readers happen to know where I put that oh-so-important piece of paper, please let me know. I’ll be back in my kitchen, looking in other random places.

Kirstin: Good luck!

Maureen: Thank you. The moral of the story is obviously when you find a recipe that your family loves, WRITE IT DOWN in the special cookbook you have for that express purpose. Live and learn, I suppose.


Cookbook of the Month, August 2018: How to Eat a Peach by Diana Henry

3 thoughts on “Cookbook of the Month, August 2018: How to Eat a Peach by Diana Henry

  1. I might be in the minority but I don’t love the textured cover. It feels like it will absorb stains very quickly and the scratchiness kind of bothers me. However I do love the writing inside the book, and the cover photo is just stunning. Interested to see what you will make of it

  2. Mark Preval says:

    I know what you mean about this being an aspirational cookbook. It’s certainly not one that I would reach for on a regular basis. However, I simply couldn’t do without the latest Diana Henry release as I have loved all of her previous cookbooks. I have no doubt that the recipes that I do try will work and be delcious

    On an unrelated note, every year there is a discussion about the latest Jamie Oliver book and how we wish he would go back to the style of his older releases. Well, I’m happy to report that his newest book, which I received yesterday is without doubt one of his best yet. No awful ‘super food’ nonsense, no silly time restraints like 15 or 30-minute meals. Just gorgeous, authentic Italian food passed onto him from nonnas. You can really see that Gennaro Contaldo had a big role in this book as I have no doubt that without him the book would have been called something ridiculous like Jamie’s 20-Minute Super Food Italian. Please Jamie, carry on making books like this and don’t go back to what you were releasing in the past 5-6 years.

    1. Oh we are already so on the latest Jamie book! Watch this space!
      Looking forward to seeing the authentic Jamie.

      I have to admit I am struggling to find anything to cook in Diana Henry’s book, beautiful as it is. Will get on that too.

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