“Salted butter and chocolate chunk shortbread” from “Dining in”

Kirstin: I love the full title of this recipe; Salted butter and chocolate chunk shortbread, or why would I make another chocolate chip cookie ever again? I’m no huge connoisseur of chocolate chip cookies. I’ve made them in my time, but we’re not big on desserts in our family. I usually leave the cakes and the like from the cookbooks on this site for Maureen. She’s the baker.
I’m so glad I decided to give these a go. There are a couple of extra steps which makes these exceptional; rolling the outside with sugar to make them cronchy. And also sprinkling them with salt (and using salted butter to make the dough). All of these go together to make an incredibly moreish cookie. Her last line says it all…”let cool slightly before eating them all”. And with that we celebrated Father’s Day and a friend’s son’s european roller hockey win.

“Salted butter and chocolate chunk shortbread” from “Dining in”

8 thoughts on ““Salted butter and chocolate chunk shortbread” from “Dining in”

      1. Ha – I get that. I’ve had to look that up so many times that I now know off the top of my head that it’s 113g (usually rounded to 115g), that half a stick is 57g, and that 1.5 sticks is 170g. (Didn’t need to look that up!). It infuriates me, though šŸ˜‰

  1. Looking at the other comments, I was a little disappointed that my book hasn’t been translated to nice simple metric.. Ah well, this was the recipe that swung me to getting the book – It sounds utterly divine. Time will tell whether it replaces the Violet Cafe Chocolate Chip Cookies though.

  2. Mark Preval says:

    I really trust your honest reviews and having bought a few books on the back of the glowing reviews you gave them, it looks like I may have to invest in this book. Thankfully, the book has already been indexed on eatyourbooks so at least I can see a full recipe list which should help me decide.

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