“Anchovy-Butter Chicken with chicken fat croutons” from “Dining In”

Kirstin: Maureen and I always joke that I will make the roast chicken recipe from the books that we review. I am always on the hunt for a good roast chicken recipe; I’ve found some fantastic ones over the years. A roast chicken recipe is like the holy grail of recipes; it has to be simple and tasty, for sure. But a good recipe can elevate a roast chicken to a higher level. I’m talking Zuni roast chicken level here, possibly the best roast chicken recipe ever. A roast chicken recipe that people talk about for days after and look forward to making for friends in years to come.

BUT. And this is a big but. While Zuni is indeed a fab recipe THIS recipe is better. Why? Because this is simple, delicious and NOT FAFFY AT ALL. You can tell I’m excited about this recipe because I’ve started using CAPITAL LETTERS. The bread roasts in the chicken fat and is completely SUBLIME. We ate ALL OF IT. You can tell from the picture I was so obsessed with the flavours that I almost forgot to take a picture! I actually can’t wait to make this again. Worth the price of the book. And then some.

“Anchovy-Butter Chicken with chicken fat croutons” from “Dining In”

4 thoughts on ““Anchovy-Butter Chicken with chicken fat croutons” from “Dining In”

  1. I’ve cooked this twice since Nigella featured it in her cookbook corner.. The first time I didn’t do the croutons.. What a mistake that was. The second time I probably double the amount of butter.. Because why not.

    The only difficulty I had was calming the worries of the anchovy haters who were coming for dinner. A truly brilliant recipe.

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