“Pad Thai” from Bosh!

Kirstin: So here I am with the tofu again.

Ella: I love tofu.

Kirstin: What do you think of this one then?

Ella: I preferred the sticks of tofu from last week.

Kirstin: I’m getting used to all the shenanigans with the cornflour and tofu now. It’s still a faff and surely there must be an easier way of coating all the sides of tofu with cornflour. A device? Or can you buy it pre-cornfloured? That’s what I was thinking as I turned all over all the little cubes of tofu to coat them.

Ella: I love the sauce too.

Kirstin: It is good, isn’t it? I am a firm believer in getting everything ready before a stir fry. Something these bosh boys do not seem to also believe in. So I carefully prepared everything while the tofu was doing the thing under weights. I can’t begin to imagine how much longer this recipe would have taken otherwise. Time management. Always. I’m not sure I would make this again but I will definitely cook with tofu again.

“Pad Thai” from Bosh!

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